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Fire testing equipment is used in building & construction (B&C), transport (road and rail vehicles, ships, aircraft), electrical and electronic applications (E&E), furniture, and textile applications to determine and classify the fire performance properties of materials and products to testing methods laid down in standards and technical specifications. For plastics and textiles, reaction-to-fire tests are mainly used.


They are used for all applications and address the following fire safety parameters:

  • non-combustibility
  • ignitability
  • flammability
  • flame spread
  • heat release
  • smoke development
  • toxicity of fire effluents


Specific examples of fire testing devices used in different applications are:

  • non-combustibility test to ISO 1182 (B&C, Transport)
  • ignitability test to open flame EN ISO 11925-2 (B&C, transport), to glow wire IEC 60695-2-12 (E&E)
  • flammability test to ISO 3795 (road vehicles), to UL 94 (E&E)
  • flame spread test to ASTM E 84 (B&C), to ISO 5658 (railways, ships)
  • heat release test to ISO 5660 (railways, ships)
  • smoke density test to ISO 5659 (railways, ships)
  • toxicity of fire effluents test to NF X 70-100 (railways)


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