An ÖNORM standard is a national standard published by the Austrian Standards Institute. ÖNORMs are voluntary standards drawn up in committees of the Austrian Standards Institute.
They are either developed upon the initiative of stakeholders or taken over as national standards within the framework of European and international standardization (e.g. CEN/CENELEC, ISO/IEC).
ÖNORM standards are issued by the Austrian Standards Institute.

Reaction to fire

Response of a material or product under specified test conditions by contributing to a fire and fire side effects, if exposed to an ignition source.

Regulations on fire safety

Regulations are rules intended to make sure that people stay safe in the event of a fire. In most countries the purpose of regulations on fire safety mainly addresses the safety of people. Therefore, additional requirements from insurances often apply to cover damage or property loss.

Fire Codes Database

Self- ignition

See Auto-ignition


Visible suspension in atmosphere of solid and/or liquid particles resulting from combustion or pyrolysis.