Process of combustion.

Fire Codes

A fire code is a set of standards that establishes fire protection rules for certain applications. For buildings, this may include standards for the design and fire prevention measures as well as requirements for the materials used.
Maritime applications are another example, where the IMO FTP codes specify the international requirements for laboratory testing, type-approval and fire test procedures for fire safe constructions and materials used on board of ships.
Fire Codes Database

Fire load

Calorific potential multiplied by the amount (mass) of the product which is available for being burnt in case of a fire in an enclosure.

Fire resistance

Ability of an element of building construction, component or structure to fulfill, for a stated period of time, the required stability, fire integrity and/or thermal insulation and/or other expected performance in a standard fire resistance test.

Fire safety engineering

Fire Safety Engineering is a multi-disciplinary field of science, technology, management, and law.
It provides a single point of integration for all fire protection and life safety issues.
It interfaces with all the major disciplines on a building project from architecture, civil and structural engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering, to building management.