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Vision and Mission

Fire Safety Tools is an independent experts’ platform dedicated to promote the fire safety of products used in our living environment to save lives and property.


Our mission is to provide information, knowledge, and expertise to industry, product owners, federations, authorities and academia for decision makers, regulators, engineers, and scientists interested in fire safety solutions.


Our Experts

With Dr. Jürgen Troitzsch and Dipl. Phys. Edith Antonatus as leading experts in the field, we cooperate with an international network of experts having a minimum of 10 years experience in providing fire safety consultancy and solutions.


Our experts´capabilities



Antonatus  Troitzsch 
Regulations & standards     
Building & Construction  EU, Germany, China EU, Americas, emerging countries

Cars, Aircrafts
Railways EU
Ships IMO/FTP codes

Cars, Buses EU, USA, China
Railways USA, China, Japan
Ships IMO/FTP codes

 E&E   Codes and Fire Tests
Other   Textiles, Upholstered Furniture
Testing & certification  
Reaction to fire tests B&C, railways, aircraft B&C, railways
Insurance requirements  UK,USA  
Special knowledge   
  Thermal insulation facades, 

Sandwich panels

Toxicity fire gases and tests Europe, Asia (B&C, Transport)
Air-condition units USA 

Toxicity tests fire effluents worldwide
Flame retardants and flame retarded products