Fire Safety Tools provides information, guidance and expertise on the fire performance needed for products´ applications in building & construction, transportation, electrical & electronic equipment and other areas.


We offer our FireSafetyTools codes & standards, techniques and testing portfolio as well as our knowledge of the global fire safety markets to support and give you a competitive edge.


Fire Safety Database

Save yourself hours of work. You have no time to search for fire safety codes, regulations and standards? We help you to find them immediately. 


Our comprehensive expertise and information from our database will help you finding out which fire safety codes, regulations, standards and fire tests are required to enter specific product markets in the main industrialized countries of the world.


Do my products comply with fire safety standards and regulations ?
How to make my products compliant with fire safety standards & regulations ?
In which countries do my products comply with fire safety regulations ?
Regulations and standards can vary from country to country around the world.
Products can be used safely, if material properties are adapted and if they are applied in the right way.
What are the fire safety requirements for my products and where can they be tested and certified ?
Which codes & standards are applied in which countries ?
In which applications domains could my products be used ?
Which fire tests are needed to get my products certified ?



The fire safety level of products we use today is based on comprehensive fire safety regulations, standards and tests.

To search and find applicable solutions is pretty complex and difficult due to a plethora of international and national regulations and tests. Differences in transposition of international to national regulations, as well as local particularities can add to the complexity.


Our focus is on national and international fire safety regulations, and fire performance standards. Take advantage of the extensive and searchable database by country, application domain and sector, description, comments, fire performance, including open access documents.

Our fire safety experts will be happy to provide detailed information and assistance in identifying and interpreting the regulations and standards relevant to your products and in proposing appropriate regulatory, testing and technical solutions.



Fire Safety Sector Coverage



Fire Safety Requirements
Fire Safety Techniques
Flame Retardants
Smoke Detectors
Fire Safety Testing/Approval
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Fire Safety Experts

We are a dedicated team of fire safety experts to inform and help in finding professional fire safety solutions for our clients. With Dr. Jürgen Troitzsch and Dipl. Phys. Edith Antonatus (read more) as leading experts in the field, we cooperate with an international network of experts having a minimum of 10 years experience in providing fire safety consultancy.

In addition to our codes & standards know-how, we provide technical and market insight on flame retardants, flame retarded products and fire testing markets.



Fire Safety Consultancy

Contact us to get a tailored to your needs fire safety consultancy offer, including technical and market studies. Our fire safety experts´ capabilites cover many fire safety application sectors and countries.

Education & Advanced Training

Develop your professional knowledge and your skills attending advanced training on site or through webinars. Our focus is on national and international fire safety regulations and reaction to fire standards with access to our database.

Our fire safety experts will be happy to provide detailed information and assistance in finding for you what regulations and standards are meaningful for your products and what solutions may be applied.